All your requests are welcomed and we are open to any partnership requests, special projects or mass production quotes

Our expertise goes far beyond simple bobble head doll production. We also work with resin, vinyl, plastics, etc…

Our team is composed of a former NASA engineer and experts who followed the best trainings in their domains. We are able to think and create all kind of systems and tools which would be useful in your marketing efforts; we can also adapt, customize and set up tailored tools on your websites.

Our best partners, and resellers also enjoy free marketing tools such as name cards, flyers, panels, advertisement items and so on…

We have our own production factory for many years and we do not, like the majority of our competitors, outsource the management of the quality of our product to Asia in order to cut costs. All our technical staff is composed by Americans, Canadians and Europeans. We test our products regularly to ensure that forbidden chemicals are not contained in them or used in any stages of the production process. Feel free to ask for more details.

Please contact with any question relating to a future order, an order in process or any problems that appeared while using our website. Any other inquiries and comments are also appreciated.


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